Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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March 26, 9:30a
Commissioners' mtg citizen input time. -- attend/speak

April 2, 9:00a 
Fillmore Commissioners vote on whether to require EIS in Rein Project.  
Opportunity to speak at 9:30 citizen input time.

The Commissioners have the final say on whether the Rein Environmental Assessment Worksheet shows that there is the "potential for significant environmental effects", and if so, they have to call for a full Environmental Impact Statement.  If not, they can issue a permit for the mine.

  Although it is too late to comment on the EAW, we can contact our commissioners to call for an EIS because there is potential for significant environmental impacts.  Important concerns were raised, especially by the MPCA and other state agencies, and need to be answered more fully.

  These are not comments on the EAW, but statements that the responses still do not provide enough information about the environmental impacts, so we need an EIS. 

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