Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fillmore County Commissioners Mtg. may be important

  Last month I heard that our Commissioners would act on the Rein Expansion project at their March 12 mtg (9:00 am).  I don't know if that's true because I haven't yet seen the answers to the public comments for the EAW. 
  You can call the zoning office 507/765-3325 to see if the Rein EAW will be on the agenda for next Tuesday. 

  If so, we still need anyone who is concerned to contact the commissioners and request an ES.  As has happened elsewhere, ordinances can be weakened by variances (or the threat of a lawsuit from the regulated business).  We cannot trust our ordinance alone to protect us!

  We also need as many people, who can arrange it, to be present for that part of the meeting.
  Please learn what you can and spread the word as best you can. I plan to be back to reliable communication by Monday afternoon.

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