Monday, February 3, 2014

Caucus Resolution on Controlling Frac Sand Mining

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

  So do we say we are concerned about the downsides of frac sand mining and want the State to help us?  We have a chance to show up and speak up for a healthy, sustainable future -- a couple of hours with our neighbors at the ground level of the political process.

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   Attending caucuses tomorrow (Tues., 2/4) night provides a great opportunity to both pass a resolution on the frac sand issue and get petition signatures. Attached is a draft resolution and the petition to the Governor.  We have just over 1,000 signatures to date. 4,000 more to go.  Please, share this email with others in your circle who you know attend caucuses.
If you don’t know your caucus site you can find it here:
Bobby King
Land Stewardship Proejct
Caucus Resolution on Controlling Frac Sand Mining
Whereas, gas and oil interests want to strip mine for frac sand in Minnesota to be used in the hydraulic fracturing process for oil and gas. This frac sand is located primarily in the Minnesota River Valley and the karst area of Southeast Minnesota;
Whereas, the negative impacts of frac sand mining  are numerous and include producing silica dust which causes serious health threats including silicosis; use of large amounts of water for processing, industrial truck traffic in rural and agricultural areas; threatening water quality by its use of large amounts of water and chemical processing and more;
Whereas, this industry is relatively new and state regulations are still being developed for it;
Whereas, the bluffland of Southeast Minnesota is a unique state asset with its world class trout streams, important bird habitat and flyways, fertile farmland and beautiful but fragile karst geology. While including only 3% of Minnesota's land area it provides habitat for 43% of the state's plant and animal species that are threatened;
Whereas, The Critical Areas Act of 1973 gives the Governor of Minnesota the authority to designate Southeast Minnesota as a critical area endangered by frac sand mining and declare a two year moratorium on frac sand mining while protections are put in place;
Whereas, for other parts of the state, especially the Minnesota River Valley large-scale frac sand mining is occurring, we must have aggressively enforced state standards to protect air and water quality. 
Therefore be it resolved, ____________________ party is the opposed to the onslaught of the frac sand mining industry being driven by oil and gas corporations and their political allies and we support:
  1. Executive action by the Governor to enact a two-year moratorium on frac sand mining in southeast Minnesota. Such powers are granted under the Critical Areas Act, passed in 1973.
  2. The creation of tough state level regulations on frac sand mining to protect air and water quality, and the strong enforcement of such.
  3. Development of community-based renewable energy production and implementation of effective energy conservation through state legislative policy and administrative action.