Friday, March 22, 2013

Chris Graves is okay with the Rein EAW

from Dale Forster:

Chris Graves told me today he's okay with the Rein EAW and is recommending that the Fillmore County commissioners vote to accept the EAW.  So that weakens our attempts to get an EIS done on the Rein mine. The only ways left to try for an EIS seem to be for us to strongly lobby commissioners before their April 2 meeting and/or to maybe hint a possible lawsuit because the Rein mine is getting less-stringent preferential treatment.

Graves had no problem being enthusiastic about the Minnesota Sands mine in Houston County needing an EIS by the EQB (even though that mine is farther than Rein's from the "cluster of mines" around Pilot Mound and SW Winona County), and at the same time being adamant the Rein mine was okay with just an EAW.  Logic and reason, it seems, do not apply.      

Graves said Rein has not applied for a CUP yet, but no doubt will if the commissioners accept the EAW.  Then there can be a 60-day period before a hearing on the CUP.  So that hearing could be in late May. 

I wish everyone good energy in all their efforts to persuade the commissioners to still require an EIS on the Rein mine. 
--Dale Forster        

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