Monday, April 15, 2013

we need to do something very very soon!

The legislative session is drawing to a close, and things are moving  quickly. Sen. Mat Schmit's bill SF 786 which asked for the things we wanted - a GEIS, a moratorium, state permitting and standards is probably dead.

Sen. Schmit has another bill, SF 796 the Game and Fish Bill, which calls for setbacks for frac sand mining from springs and  trout streams, and limits how close mining can come to the water table. It is a good bill and is receiving support (and being resisted by industry). It will be heard the week of 4/22 in the Sen. Environment & Ag Finance Committee.

The bill that is gaining traction is HF 976. The industry likes this bill and it  does NOT address our concerns. It sets up a model ordinance and a technical team and could later be held up to say "See, we did something".  It has neither strong state pollution standards nor funding by the industry to pay for permanent damages it will make to our fragile karst region.

What you can do today.

Call or email Gov. Mark Dayton (800-657-3717 or google him for his email form) and tell him: (in your own words)
We in S.E. Minnesota need you to be engaged in the frac sand issue before it's too late.
We're disappointed that you didn't support a moratorium and wish you would change your mind.
We need strong standards enacted in this session.
HF 976 the EQB model ordinance does not address our concerns.
Please support SF 796 the Game and Fish bill, which will help protect our ground and surface water.

A call or email to Sen Schmit (651-296-4264 would be good as well. He will be getting a lot of pressure from here on out. Thank him for all his work on SF 786 and tell him how important SF 796 is to you and why, and encourage him to hang in there.

Thanks for your help.

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